Should we let other individuals, not listed as drivers on our auto policy, drive our vehicles?

Insurance follows the vehicle and not the driver.  As far as a claim, it should be taken care of, but there could be instances where it will not.  If a non listed driver, the company is probably going to non-renew your policy at the next renewal.  When your policy non-renews, it is hard to find other companies that want to insure your automobile.  Let’s say for instance that a non listed driver has a serious accident in your automobile and the maximum limits are reached on the policy.  When the other party decides to sue, who do you think is going to be sued, the vehicle driver, or the vehicle and policy owner?  Any excess payout is going to come from the vehicle and policy owner.  So, this could cost you everything that you own.  This would be something that you would not want to play with.  I have heard many stories of this happening in the past.

We ask our clients not to let anyone, not listed on the policy as a driver, to get under the wheel of their vehicle.  It is our duty as agents to help protect you from occurrences like the one described above.  If it is going to be a single occurrence and you are a passenger in the vehicle, they don’t need to be listed.  If it is going to be a common occurrence and for a period of time, then the individual needs to be listed on your policy as a driver.