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When do we add our youthful driver to our auto policy?

Most companies want you to add your youthful driver to your auto policy when they get their learners permit. It depends upon the company whether they are “rated” on the policy at that time, or, just “listed” on the policy.  I would say the...

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Should we let other individuals, not listed as drivers on our auto policy, drive our vehicles?

Insurance follows the vehicle and not the driver.  As far as a claim, it should be taken care of, but there could be instances where it will not.  If a non listed driver, the company is probably going to non-renew your policy at the next renewal. ...

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What is an independent insurance agent?

I have been asked this question so many times. I wish I had a nickel for each, I could be rich. Let’s first look at the definition of “independent” from Webster’s. Independent means free from the influence or control of others, self governing,...

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