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Don't let Medicare get the best of you

If you're a senior who needs additional coverage in Galax, let McCraw Insurance Agency, Inc. help you get the insurance you deserve. We can shop around to find the best possible coverage options.

In addition to Medicare supplemental insurance, we can find general health insurance for you.
Why should you have Medicare supplemental insurance?

  • You get protection on higher medical bills
  • You get guaranteed renewable policies
  • You get a wide variety of plans
  • You get the choice of any Medicare-approved doctor

Don't wait any longer to protect yourself against enormous medical bills. Get started by contacting McCraw Insurance Agency, Inc. today.

Partner with McCraw Insurance Agency, Inc. to cut through the confusion of Medicare

Regardless of your age, it can be a challenge to understand the ins and outs of Medicare. We offer help with Medicare supplemental insurance, but can also assist with general health insurance.

When you select Medicare coverage, you have two choices: Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan. The supplemental insurance comes into play after you choose a plan.
We can help you follow these steps to get the best coverage in Galax and Hillsville, VA:



  • Decide between original Medicare and Medicare advantage
  • Decide if you want prescription drug coverage
  • Decide if you want supplemental coverage

Choose McCraw Insurance Agency, Inc. for insurance coverage you can understand.



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