Do you have a home for sale or vacant?

A vacant home is a home that is no longer a primary residence or is not occupied on a daily basis.

If you have a home that fits this description you need to contact your insurance agent or provider and let them know that your home is not being occupied.  You will need to purchase a vacant policy for this home.  You could possibly be in a situation where there is no coverage for the dwelling, personal property, or liability on the home owners policy.  There again, this is on a per company basis.  There could be terms in the home owners policy that excludes coverage for an unoccupied dwelling. Below are a couple of examples:

“My client had an empty house for sale.  I advised her to opt for a vacant dwelling policy when her neighbor’s kid was hurt on the vacant property, she was relieved that she had the right coverage in place.”
- Sam, Agent

“When my clients mother passed away and the estate was being settled, the last thing he needed to worry about was having a vacant home on his hands.  A vacant dwelling policy was just the piece of mind that he needed.”
- Connie, Agent

Don’t give an insurance company any reason to deny a claim.